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New and noteworthy...

New and noteworthy in the Tech world...

Apple in the news...

Joe Hanson

Hi everybody! So how is "Apple in the News," actually news??? Well, I''m glad you asked! First of all, Apple has taken responsibility for the notorious "Error 53" problem - which many had been crying foul over for awhile now. Error 53 is a real bummer for some folks who have had their iPhone 5s, or 6/6s repaired and have had the home button replaced (fingerprint reader). When an IOS update came out the phone would lock up and be, essentially, unrecoverable - data too! We have been told a new update is on it's way that will remove this error. Those who have had to replace their iPhone will be getting reimbursed for their time and trouble - yea-y Apple!

More importantly though you may have heard about the FBI demanding that Apple provide a "back-door" to their highly secure IOS software because the San Bernadino terroist's favored iPhone's... Interestingly, no one - including CIA, Homeland Security, NSA etc can't seem to crack the code! Apple has declined to provide the "Key to the Corporation" and has until Friday to do so... I say, Key to the Corporation because that's exactly what they told the FBI. They have built an impenetrable system so that their customers data is safe and their own company remains at the top of the heap! What do you think about their decision? Comment below -

Finally, we have learned that iPad Air 3 and iPhone 6se (a similar offering to the 5c) will be released next month - and possibly a new Apple Watch? Stay tuned to Garage Talk for updates!