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Fargo, ND

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Your friendly, expert repair facility in Fargo/Moorhead for all makes and models of Cell Phones, Tablets and Computers


Terms & Conditions

This is an excerpt from our work order which outlines the Terms & Conditions...

_____ I understand and am aware that some personal information might be reviewed on my device during the repair, and that Gadget Garage does not share, distribute or publish any information in accordance to applicable laws. All information that is reviewed is kept strictly confidential. However, Gadget Garage has the legal responsibility to report any evidence of a device to be considered stolen and/or if illegal use of the device is detected.

_____ I understand and am aware that it is possible for data to be lost, and that Gadget Garage is not responsible for any lost data including but not limited to: applications, pictures, messages, contacts, and/or music.

_____ I understand and am aware that repairs are of uncertain nature, and the device may or may not be able to be repaired. Gadget Garage and its employees are not responsible or liable for any prior damages or work done to the device and are not responsible or liable for failures the device may incur, up to and including permanent failure.

_____ Gadget Garage has the right to refuse any service or sale to any customer for any reason at any time. 

_____ I understand that in case of non-payment the device will be retained until payment is made in full. If payment is not made within 60 days from the date of the work order, any & all devices become the property of Gadget Garage. Reasonable attempts to contact the customer regarding pick up will always be made first.

_____ All repairs, excluding any water damaged phones, come with a 3 day warranty on charge ports and 30 day warranty on all other repairs from Gadget Garage, and only apply to the repair work done, not the part. Gadget Garage is not responsible or liable for any new issues that may arise after the repair is complete, even if it is believed to be caused by the repair. **Water damaged phones will not be warrantied at any time, in any way.

_____ All repairs require a full amount due before any work is preformed on the device. I understand there is a Non refundable $25 fee on all repairs.

_____ Gadget Garage is not responsible for any accessories that come in with the device, which includes but is not limited to, screen protectors and cases. Please remove these items if you like before dropping your device off. We are not responsible for these items if they are lost or stolen.