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New and noteworthy...

New and noteworthy in the Tech world...

Back Up Your Texts - Android App....

Joe Hanson

Do you have vital, important texts you simply MUST have? Please, download this app -

If you do not there is little we can do to recover them for you... 


Lo-Tech Battery Tip

Joe Hanson

Has your battery begun to really try your patience? When they're new - they're AMAZING! But after a year or so, (especially if you're a "power-user"...), it can be impossible to even get a full day - from a full-charge. Here's how you can test your battery - the lo-tech way. See pics below:



An Important Tip for iPhone Users

Joe Hanson

Make sure your iCloud account is Signed In and Actively backing up your beloved pictures and critical Contacts etc, by doing the following: Open Settings, iCloud and make sure everything is "Green". (You don't have to do email because it's backed-up, 'round the world all the time...). Then, just above "Find My iPhone" you'll see BACK-UP. Select this and verify exactly When your content was actually backed-up... That's it! Congratulations, you're now ready for anything! :)

iPhone 6s and iPhone 7 - from the bench...

Joe Hanson

In the last year or so we've seen unique challenges in iPhone design and repairs. Chiefly among them a whole new entry procedure for both - because of their water resistant upgrades. A very sticky sealant has been applied to the entire perimeter of the phone' casing. Also, on the newest model the screen removal process has changed dramatically as Apple has taken a "left-handed" approach to their build. Curious as it is, it's made it into the iPad's as well. What innovations will the next iPhone model bring? Hard to say, but until then, don't trust your precious to just any old hack, bring them into Gadget Garage and let the professionals replace your screen etc.

Micro-Soldering is No Joke!

Joe Hanson

When it comes to what exactly, "...separates The Men from the boys," in electronics repair - specifically as it relates to our portable gadgets, the ability to solder components the size of a grain of salt, under a 50x microscope is a great litmus test!

Equipping a shop and training a technician for just such precision work is why most shops don't bother. At Gadget Garage it's increasingly expanding our customer base to offer such services. We take the work seriously and continuously train, so we're always on top of our game.

No, it's not cheap usually but considering the alternative, it could save you 100's of dollars!

Who do you trust...?

Joe Hanson

One day while repairing my umpteenth iPhone it dawned on me that if I ever broke my iPhone 6s Plus...I would fix it myself! But...what if I wasn't trained and battle tested in electronics repair? How on earth would I research and decide on where and to whom to take it too?!?! Honestly, it was humbling considering just how many people trust Gadget Garage with their expensive gadgets - day after day! Those thoughts and feelings engender even further conscientiousness and care AS we work on electronics. It really is the little details that make repairs happen and the value of our customers and our reputation as The Premier Shop in town that furthers our dedication to learning new solutions and techniques so we can service all the new gadgets. A hearty Thanks to all who trust Gadget Garage with their tech repairs - and, an enthusiastic vote of confidence to those of you shopping around for your repair facility of choice! Stop in and see...

Need Help OPERATING Your New iPhone or iPad?

Joe Hanson

Hi Garage Guys - and Gals,

So you went ahead and took the plunge and bought a new iPhone or Galaxy or Note 5. But somehow it seems you still only call and text - and maybe email? Did you know that the Apollo Moon Rockets had computers that weren't half as powerful as that little gadget in your pocket? Not to mention the stellar camera, the video capabilities, the voice recorder and the Map functions! And we haven't even mentioned The Apps - Oh My are there apps (short for "Applications")!!!

I see and hear it everyday - not only the intimidating nature of "Technology" but the worse thing of all - the loss of data: Kids Pictures, Business Contacts, Treasured Texts from a loved one... Seriously folks, wouldn't you like to avoid that heartbreak - and get more comfortable with your iPhone or Galaxy?

Well, this is an interactive post - I need you to tell me if you are interested in learning more about your phone... If there's enough interest we will schedule a Saturday morning in our training room for a class. It''ll be great fun and very informative! Enter your comments below.